Exam 1- psych wink - Exam 1 1 Goal of psychology predict...

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Exam 1 1. Goal of psychology- predict, describe, control 2. Contrast to an applied job is that a job in basic research is designed to uncover specifics about behavior. 3. Humanistic approach to psychology focuses on 4. Cognitive approach to psychology views the mind as an active and aware problem- solving system. This view contrasts with the w/ behavioral approach- portrays nehavior as controlled by external environmental forces. a. Avoid general based on little info and lok for consistent themes across several as opposed to single studies. 5. School of psych most clear concerned w/ the adaptive value of complex mental process? a. Functionalism, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, structuralism 6. Believes husband angry outburst against her result from his unconsicious hatret of hs own mother. She is looking at husband behavior from a _____ perspective. a. Cognitive psychology, humanistic, behaviorism, psychoanalysis 7. Looking inward and reporting your immediate sensations, images, and feelings is called a. Introspection , cognitive neuroscience, humanism, behaviorism 8. Scientific method 9. Written report of research, psychologists specify exactly how anxiety is measured, providing readers with b. operational definition , independent variable, construct. 10. Psychologists discovered that wealthy people are less satisfied w/ marriages that poor
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Exam 1- psych wink - Exam 1 1 Goal of psychology predict...

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