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Euripides Live 484~406 BCE Born in a wealthy and influential family Two marriages and three sons Traveled to Syracuse, Sicily and engaged in various public or political activities In Sicily, He wrote his tragedies in a sanctuary. Most of his public life is non-existent Euripides – Playwrights Begin as a tragic playwright in 455 BCE One of the tree great tragedians (Aeschylus / Sophocles)of classical Athens Wrote about 92~97 plays and about 17~18 survive completely. Was criticized for his “less-than-heroic” nature of his protagonists. Dramatic innovator because of simplicity of dialogue, one of the first to criticize traditional religion and defend oppressed groups (women and slaves) Reshaped the formal structure of traditional Attic:
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Unformatted text preview: Tragedy by 1. Strong woman characters 2. Intelligent slaves 3. Criticize many heroes of Greek mythology Seem more modern compare to his contemporaries: focus on inner lives and motives of his characters which is previously unknown to Greek audiences Medea Medea originally produced in 431 BCE Athen audience did not embrace medea so favorably because of the indecisive chorus, critism of Athenian society and disrespect for the gods. One of the great play of “Western Canon” Award only in 3 rd place at Dionysia (the famous dramatic) because the competition was fierce and because Euripides refused to cater the fancies of the judges It was not until 441BCE did Euripides won the first price....
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