Attack Campaigns Hurt Society

Attack Campaigns Hurt Society - ; .Voters...

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Attack Campaigns Hurt Society; The current presidential election has  been described as one of the most brutal in modern memory. Voters  consistently complain about negative campaigning, but politicians keep  employing such tactics and, in some cases, keep winning. Is negative  campaigning a politically helpful, healthy tactic? James Leach . . Washington: Oct 13, 2008 . Vol. 145, Iss. 8; pg. 11 Abstract (Summary) [...] part falls at the feet of politicians who use ill-chosen rhetoric and campaign techniques to divide voters rather than appeal to what Lincoln described as "the better angels of our nature." Federal law authorized the so-called 527 groups, allowing unrestricted big-money donations to advance mischievous ads without candidate accountability. » Jump to indexing (document details) Full Text (750 words) CON: There are profound analogies between politics and sports. Grantland Rice got it right more than half a century ago when he observed that winning or losing is less important than how the game is played. Likewise in politics. The temper and integrity of campaigns are more important for the cohesiveness of society than the outcome of any election. In politics, there are few rules and no referees. The public must be on perpetual guard and
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  • Spring '11
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  • federal law, Candidate, William Butler Yeats, World Report, U.S. News & World Report, unrestricted big-money donations

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Attack Campaigns Hurt Society - ; .Voters...

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