paper #5 - 11.18 - Emily Ko 11/18/2008 Paper #5 CRN: 73333...

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Emily Ko 11/18/2008 Paper #5 CRN: 73333 The Differences between Male and Female Looking back at Chinese history, we notice that each of the emperors usually had more than one wife and uncountable number of children. This is because men at that time were a symbol of power, and that power gave them the priority to have as many wives and children as they wished. Living in a country where both men and women are educated to be equal, it is hard to imagine what a culture is like that allows a man to have numerous wives. Although most of the cultures around the world are monogamous, the differences between men and women in this century are not who has more wives or husbands, but understanding what men and women are looking for when having a relationship. According to the evolutionary psychologists discussed in “Men, Women, Sex, and Darwin” “men are naturally attracted to youth and beauty” (30), because men are usually looking for a long-term childbearing mate. For example, a twenty-year-old girl will have a higher probability of pregnancy than a forty-year-old woman. On the other hand, “women are naturally attracted to high-status men with resources” (30), because they want a mate who is stable and makes them feel secure. A man who owns a house, and has money will
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paper #5 - 11.18 - Emily Ko 11/18/2008 Paper #5 CRN: 73333...

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