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Angie 148 - PSYCHOLOGY 110 QUIZ 5 DR GRUBERG 8 Damage to...

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Unformatted text preview: PSYCHOLOGY 110 QUIZ 5 DR. GRUBERG ; 8. Damage to which part of the brain would have the LEAST effect on a person’s ability to juggle? 4‘67 ' 0:? @hippocampus [B] substantia nigra [C] striatum [D] cerebellum f\ membrq and emotion 9. Herman suffers a stroke that destroys the connections between the reticular formation and the rest ofhis brain. Herman will most likely 513) [A] have increased activity in therlocus coeruleus. be in a permanent coma. a» - [C] lose all reflexes. [D] lose automatic control offiis/heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. 10. Which of the following statements about acticin potentials on very long nerve cells is true?13 They [A] can recur immediately if the cell receives continuous stimulation. are transmitted the entire length of the nerve undiminished. [C] are propagated at various speeds depending on the strength of the original action potential, . [D] are liable to fade if the neuron is not repeatedly stimulated. 11. When a man grabbed Opal‘s purse, she ran after him, tackled him, and retrieved her purse. Then she realized that her heart was racing, her breathing was irregular, and she was trembling. Opal's ___ _ nervous system was responsible for this reaction. sympathetic [B] parasympathetic [C] somatic [D] central 12. Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the immune system mistakenly destroys some of the myelin wrapped around nerve cell fibers. Which nerve cell fibers are being attacked by this process? - axons [B] synapses [C] dendrites [D] mitochondria 13, The main divisions of the peripheral nervous system are the , and the [A] reticular; limbic [B] afferent; efferent [C] sympathetic; parasympathetic ([1?) somatic; autonomic ET " 3’3 ...
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