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Angie 150 - PSYCHOLOGY 110 QUIZ 5 DR GRUBERG 20 If the...

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Unformatted text preview: PSYCHOLOGY 110 QUIZ 5 DR. GRUBERG - 20. If the myelin sheathing on neurons is absent or removed in a given individual, they will exhibit difficulties in speaking, vision, and balance because without myelin the '76:: {A} quantity of neurotransmitters released into synapses will be reduced. [B] speed ofneura! conduction along critical paths will be too fast. [C] quantity of neurotransmitters released into synapses will be increased. @speed ofneural conduction along critical paths will be too slow. 21. in much the same way that a honie security system monitors your house, your ' system monitors the internal state of your body and detects unwanted cells and toxic substances that may invade your body. 583 [A] endocrine [B] nervous @ immune [D] limbic 22. When Cade was tackled dining 3 football game, he hit the back of his head on the turf, which resulted in a concussion. Cade now has trouble with his vision. Cade most likely injured his lobe. “‘3 .mipiwl [BI frontal {Cl patina: [D] temporal 23. An action potential has just sped down one of your efferent neurons in order to jerk your hand ofi' the hot stove. Before an action potential will speed through this neuron again, the membrane of the neuron must become repolarized. The time between the action potentials is called the period. [A] repolarization [B] polarization 1C] self-propagating .refractory 24. Troy wants to improve the efficiency of his immune system. Unfortunately, he does such a good job that normal cells of his body are now being attacked. This will probably result in Troy’s developing a(n) 583 I [A] electrochemical deficiency. [B] learned suppression of immune system fimctioiu'ng @autoimmune disorder. [D] fight—or—flight response. ...
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