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The brand of mobile phone or smart phone used by respondents

The brand of mobile phone or smart phone used by...

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The brand of mobile phone or smart phone used by respondents Figure3.1 The brand of mobile phone that respondents currently using. Based on the data collected, 53% (16) of the respondents are currently using Sony Ericsson. This brand is chosen by most of the respondents because most of them are students and the most mobile phones of Sony Ericsson are much more affordable for students. GIVE EXAMPLES Secondly, 30% (9) of respondents currently using Nokia. The reason of respondents use this brand of mobile phones is if can be used longer period than others. Thus, they will consider this brand first if they want to buy mobile phones. Thirdly, 10% (3) of respondents are currently using other brands, such as HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others. 3 respondents that currently using other brands of mobile phones. In contrast, there are only 7% (2) of respondents who are currently using iPhone. These two respondents use iPhone because the function of touch screen, which is much more sensible than other brands. Lastly, there is no respondents are currently using Blackberry. In conclusion,
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The reasons why respondents are not using smart phones. Figure 3.2, none of the respondents chose ‘don’t like the products’. It is because the respondents like the products but cannot afford to purchase it. Meanwhile, 17 of respondents said that smartphones are expensive.The price for these two smartphones is around RM2600.Respondents do not have their own purchasing power yet.This is the main reason because our respondents are still students. As such,expensive is the most important reason why they do not purchase the products.
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