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Kristine Thomas-Argumentation- ENG 102-21

Kristine Thomas-Argumentation- ENG 102-21 - Thomas 1...

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Thomas 1 Kristine Thomas Professor Homer (ENG 101-21) 2 April 2011 TV vs. Reality TV reality shows have been around for some time now. The earliest one I can remember is The Real World which took strangers and put them in an apartment to live and work together. But as with everything else, reality shows change. When people think of New Jersey do they think of it as the Garden State? Or are they revisiting an episode of Jersey shore in their head? Jersey Shore is just one of the hit reality shows sweeping the media. The reality frenzy has spread to shows like Jerseyliscous and Real Housewives of New Jersey. There are many differences to past reality shows and present. In past reality shows there was an ultimate experience MTV was trying to bring. In present reality shows the media is making a mockery of people and labeling the State. Let’s focus on the hit reality television show Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore is shot and filmed in Seaside Heights NJ. MTV casted seven individuals to star in their new hit reality show. Jersey Shore stars Snooki, Angelina, Vinny, Ronni, Mike, Pauly-D and Sammi. Of
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