101syllabus - ECO 101-830 Principles of Microeconomics...

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ECO 101-830 Principles of Microeconomics Spring 2006 Course Syllabus Dr. Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt MWF 11:30-12:25 Mahar 204 431 Mahar 312-3455 www.oswego.edu/~edunne/eco101.htm edunne@oswego.edu Office hours: MW 10:00-11:20, T 11:15-12:15 You are free to stop by my office anytime, or call and make an appointment. I also check my email several times a day. In case of a 2-hour delay for the Baldwinsville Central School District, I may be a little late to my MWF office hours. Course Description This course introduces you to the basic foundations and tools of the discipline of economics. The primary focus of this course is on how individuals and societies deal with the fundamental economic problem of scarcity. The course begins with a discussion of the methodology of economics and the basic functioning of markets. We then take a closer look at the behavior of markets, government, consumers, and producers. The final section of this course looks at factor markets, especially the labor markets to examine the roots of earnings differences, poverty, and income inequality. Course Materials required: Introduction to Microeconomics(2 nd ed.) by Edwin G. Dolan. In both bookstores. recommended: The course web site at http://www.oswego.edu/~edunne/eco101.htm Lecture notes, homworks, exam study guides, and all course information is available at this site. And it’s free! The course email list. I will be sending grade information and course announcements to your OSWEGO EMAIL ACCOUNT. If you wish to receive it at a different email account, then you may arrange to have your Oswego email forwarded to your preferred account at http://www.oswego.edu/forward I expect you to buy the textbook and read the assigned chapters. I would not require it if I did not think it was important. If you
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101syllabus - ECO 101-830 Principles of Microeconomics...

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