P.S. Notes for 4-6-11 - South Africa continued Apartheid...

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South Africa continued… Apartheid ended around 1994 due to the world banks not allowing S.A. to lend anymore (“Death Knell”). SA a “parish state.” Transition to Democracy - 1989 – F.W. de Klerk elected President. Accepted Mandela’s offer to discuss ending apartheid in exchange for the ANC giving up armed struggle. - 1990 – Mandela freed and ban on ANC lifted. - ANC and NP are the main parties, but not the only ones. - Violent far-right Afrikaners and nationalist Zulu wanted their own homelands. TRC (The Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, was intended to heal the wounds inflicted by the apartheid system. o People were supposed to go into public and state their crimes in turn for amnesty. Nelson Mandela - 1993 – Nobel prize winner - 1994 – President - 2005 – Announces son died of AIDS - 2007 – Forms “the Elders.” o The group of seniors to lobby politicians into mending their ways. - Now over 90 years old. PART 4: The New South Africa Structure of Legis - Bicameral - Upper house: National Council of the Provinces. o Nine provinces. - National Assembly – 400 reps. – directly elected. o President is chosen by this group. (More like a prime minister) 2 nd President – Thabo Mbeki - Formerly of the SACP (South African Communist Party). - Centralist ruling style; marginalized threats to his power. - Pushed out by ANC and replaced by an acting president.
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3 rd President – Jacob Zuma - Formerly VP - 20 kids, 5 wives (as of 13 months ago) - Ethnic Zulu o (“100% Zulu boy” – Campaign slogan) - Zuma Scandals o Dismissed as VP for corruption. Court rules that Mbeki meddled in the
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P.S. Notes for 4-6-11 - South Africa continued Apartheid...

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