P.S. Notes for 4-20-11 - JAMAICA CONT A. Social Safety Net?...

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A. Social Safety Net? a. 40% of Jamaican girls pregnant by 20. b. Under – 15 pregnancies dropping, but rise in pre-teen pregnancies. c. 80% of babies born to single mothers. i. Half of moms unemployed. d. 70% of dads have no involvement in their kid’s lives. e. No welfare; there is an equivalent of WIC. f. “Child shifting” common i. Similar to adoption. ii. 1 in 5 kids “shifted” g. Hidden epidemic of child abuse? B. Elder abuse a. In 2008, 65+ years, 441 were beaten, 195 light stabbing, 70 shot, 53 stabbed, and 23 sexually assaulted or raped. b. **Video – Golden Age Home** C. Drugs a. #1 cannabis producer and exporter in Caribbean. b. Cocaine smuggling in 1980s. D. Gangs and Crime a. Among highest murder rates in the world i. 70% by gun ii. ½ gang-related b. Gang membership is not criminal c. “Yardies” (gang members) now international i. “Shower Posse” 1. Named for the shower of bullets during murders. 2. Drug and gun smuggling international gang with links to the JLP (Jamaican Labor Party) and CIA. 3. Shooting of Bob Marley? 4. Stuffing ballot boxes, scaring voters. 5. **Tivoli community – Jim Brown** a. “Dudus” Coke = the Don (druglord) – ruled Tivoli, as had his dad and brother. d. Protection Racket? i. Basically, gangs rule the government and side with political parties. e. Dudus i. When indicted, PM initially protected him 1. Hired lobbyists in D.C. ii.
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P.S. Notes for 4-20-11 - JAMAICA CONT A. Social Safety Net?...

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