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P.S. Notes for 3-7-11 - March 7 2011 SUDAN CONTINUED South...

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March 7, 2011 SUDAN CONTINUED South, continued: Reproductive Politics Demography: Gender - North: o Women have legal status as minors. o Cannot travel within Sudan or abroad without written permission of male guardian. “A good woman has three places: Husband’s house, son’s house, and her grave.” Pre-colonial History - “Sudd” means swamp. One the size of England separates North and South. - Slave raiding by Arabs of North of blacks of South (and ivory, and cattle…). - Nuba Mountains served as a fortress from slave-raiders. Colonial History - Colonized by British at end of 19 th century. - Reason? To “stop slavery.” o Separated North and South No education for Southerners (more Blacks versus northern Arabs) No business licenses - Darfur o “Land of the Fur” o Was originally an independent kingdom o 1916 – Darfur conquered by British and added to Sudan Pre-Independence - Original Plan: o Egypt would join North Sudan (already shared a flag) o East African countries would join South Sudan. - But… o Nationalism in Sudan + stresses of WWII earlier independence than anticipated. - No Federalism! o Southerners skeptical about joining the more prosperous North under a unitary government. o Transition government had only 15% Southern seats. Should have had around 30%. Of the 15%, they were mostly handpicked by North. o 1955 riots: squashed by government with scorched-earth tactics. Means used much more force than was necessary. Independence – 1/1/1956 - New government posts: 6 out of 800 went to Southerners (they’d anticipated 200) - Islamic curriculum to be taught in Arabic - Sharia law enacted.
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Pro-Islamic and Pan-Arab regime - Early 1960s – expelled missionaries. Ironically, caused more Southerners to convert.
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