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1 Running head: REFLECTIVE ESSAY Reflective Essay Trident University International (TUI) MGT501, Module 6, Essay,
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2 REFLECTIVE ESSAY Reflective Essay The MGT 501, Management and Organizational Behavior, course has provided me with a greater foundation of knowledge to utilize as a safety professional. The information which was covered in this course provided me with plenty of interesting topics to think and write about. Learning and thinking about how different organizations and businesses are organized to achieve maximum effectiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction is important for all business leaders, managers, and supervisors. This course has provided a unique and challenging way to present new information, ideas, and introduce business and management theory to management students. The course objectives for each module of the course were easy to understand and the directions and explanation for each assignment were clear and gave excellent direction. The required readings for each module were appropriate and fit well with the assigned module. The course was designed to build upon each module and I feel as though I was able to do so. I was
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This note was uploaded on 06/21/2011 for the course MGT 501 taught by Professor Johnson during the Spring '11 term at Touro CA.

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Reflective Essay - 1 Running head: REFLECTIVE ESSAY...

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