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Allison Morrow Homework 2 January 29, 2010 1. Which soil type has the greatest water-holding capacity? Why Clay has the greatest water-holding capacity because water the water does not infiltrate the soil very easily, making it easier for the clay to hold the water. 2. Which soil type has the lowest water-holding capacity? Why? Sand has the least water-holding capacity because water infiltrates very well through the soil, making the water leave the soil easily, not giving it a good holding capacity. 3. List and describe the four soil horizons. 1. The organic level is the top part of the soil where animal debris and decayed plants
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Unformatted text preview: are. 2. The topsoil layer is the zone of leaching where this layer is the best environment of growth of plants and microorganisms. 3. The Subsoil layer includes more clay and the layer where chemical leach out. 4. The bedrock layer is the bottom layer with limestone, sandstones, and granite. 4. What is the state soil in Alabama? Bama soil 5. What are the four classifications of water in soil? Percolation, gravitational water, capillary water, and chemically bound water....
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