against my own aprty - A Message to the Golden Flamingos...

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A Message to the Golden Flamingos Allow me first to aplogize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day life. My fellow imaginanions: our country, that which we stand for, and all we hold dear, faces a grave threat. 3 days ago, I wrote an article, that brought into existence Prasoon Jha's possible identity as a Fascist leader. I also stated Sohrab Grewal's 'words of advice' to not vote for Prasoon. To this, I was called foolish. Well fellow citizens, now the concern is inordinated towards, not Prasoon Jha, not Sohrab Grewal, but my own party, The Golden Flamingos. Sohrab Grewal stated earlier, "Parshant, you are a fool". Well, fellow citizens, I would like to comprehend, that I have been a fool. I have been a fool to trust upon the party members of the Golden Flamingos, and their leader, Ruiying Zhang. At 4:20pm this evening, Ruiying Zhang signed in Windows Live Messenger and said, "to clarify, you're out of the party". By hearing this, I was traumatized. How could such a "hopeful" leader and "responsible" MP's of the Golden Flamingos, kick me out of my own party? During out group chat in Windows Live Messenger, the MP's had a very
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against my own aprty - A Message to the Golden Flamingos...

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