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INTRO CHAPTER: Know the fundamental difference between mitosis and meiosis (i.e. mitosis: diploid diploid; meiosis: diploid haploid, gametes, crossing over during prophase I) PATTERNS OF INHERITANCE - MENDELIAN GENETICS (Chapter 9): All about Mendel’s experiments: garden peas, monohybrid crosses (3:1 ratio), gene, allele (dominant and recessive), dihybrid crosses (9:3:3:1 ratio), genotype, phenotype, homozygous, heterozygous, law of segregation, using the punnet square to calculate the frequency of genotypes and phenotypes, law of independent assortment (exception to the law, i.e. linked genes in the same chromosome, the effect of crossing over), figuring out genotypes on a pedigree, incomplete dominance, pleiotropy, codominance, polygenic inheritance, sex linkage. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE GENE (Chapter 10): History of how DNA was determined to be the genetic information molecule: experiments of Griffith and Hershey and Chase. Structure of DNA proposed by Watson and Crick (1953). Structure of DNA (double stranded antiparallel, sugar
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