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Origins of life (Chapter 16): First part: Concepts: protobiont, liposomes, endosymbiosis, sysmbiosis. Events and Examples: early earth conditions, Stanley Miller’s Experiment and implications to the theory of the origin of life, timing associated to ALL events listed on the slide entitled Geologic History (e.g. origin of the universe (13 bya), origin of life (3.78 bya)…etc), know the defining characteristics of life, Cambrian explosion (know when and what it was), colonization of land. Second part: Concepts: Prokarytotes (includes bacteria and archaeans; ecological roles), taxis, flagellum, endotoxins, exotoxins, eukaryotes (includes protists, fungi, plants and animals). Endospore, biofilms, extremophile, protests roughly include algae and protozoans (know that many cause diseases like malaria, NO, NOT A BACTERIA). Additional stuff to know : Nutritional adaptations of prokaryotes (table in slide show) Plants (chapter 17): Concepts and additional stuff to know: key terrestrial adaptations in plants (sequence
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