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Unformatted text preview: WAM~ _ HAllOW1:1:N 1:00NOM'OS .., •• _AN'MAl $,nUTS __ AToM,e t:ROS'ON __ g~AR MARf(~T _gO'l~" 1'ROCS __ gRAOf(~T CR~~" _gUll MARf(~T __ 0 OIW~1 T"'~OR~M __ OR~~"'NC $OO'AUSM _1'OOl 'N T"'~ $MOW~R _lNV'S'll~ MAN"-MAt. T,",U$lAN N'CMTMAR~. _. MON~Y lllUS'ON _M'S~RY lN1)~1( _ON~-ARM~1) t:OONOM'ST __ 1'MANTOM1'R~'CMT-_1"USON~R'S "fl~MMA _1'Ulue t:N~MY " '"1 __ 1'VRAMf"SC"'~M~ __ SMA1)OW1'RfC~ __ STACPlATfON __ TIU"l~ WfTOMfNC,",OUR __ TWfN "~PfCfTS ANOMAlY __ VOO"OO t:OONOMfOS __ W'l"OAT STR'f(~S _-Y~llOW-"OC CONTRAOT _'lOM8f~ $&t.'S Copyright 1997 Roger E. Wehr .A .) Adam Smith's metaphor of what drives individual market participants in a free-market economy : : & ) an insolvent thrift which continues to operate C ) a metaphor in game theory which demonstrates conflicts between group goals and individual goals : 0 ) Candidate George Bush's description of candidate Ronald Reagan's proposed economic policies in 1980 JE:J a lax problem of the late 1970's : I r ) the inflation rate added...
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