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Unformatted text preview: MGTA03 MGTA03 Intro to Intro Management (I) Management Welcome to: Welcome MGTA03 Intro to Management My name is My Prof. Chris Bovaird MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 Me: Senior Lecturer at UTSC Teaching MGTA03 since 1995 Designed and wrote the course Edited your current textbook MGTA03 – Purpose of Course MGTA03 Introduction to business, the role of Introduction businesses in Canadian economy, and the management of businesses. and Entry level course for all students in Entry BBA Co-op, BBA Non Co-op and BBA Pre-Program. BBA MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 This is an introductory course. This introductory If you don’t understand – stop If me! me Raise your hand, slow me down, Raise or ask a question. or MGTA03 – Textbook MGTA03 Business 2nd Custom Edition for UTSC Pearson Custom Publishing, 2009 Available in the bookstore Available MGTA03 – How the Course Works MGTA03 There is one lecture per week. Each lecture will cover approx. Each 1 chapter of the textbook chapter MGTA03 – How the Course Works MGTA03 er…. That’s it. MGTA03 – How the Course Works MGTA03 There are NO tutorials There are NO seminars There are NO labs There is NO group work There is one lecture per week. MGTA03 – Your Responsibilities Your Come to every class Read the assigned Chapter If you don’t understand: ask a If question. question. If you still don’t understand: go If see Prof. see MGTA03 – My Responsibilities MGTA03 Arrive in class on time and prepared. Arrive on prepared Announce topic/content of lecture. Announce relevant Chapter reading. Explain principle points of topic, using Explain examples. examples. Involve you by asking questions, Involve you seeking examples. seeking MGTA03 - My Responsibilities MGTA03 To answer questions in class, To fully, carefully and respectfully. fully, To be available outside of class to To provide help and advice to those who seek it. who MGTA03 – My Responsibilities MGTA03 Do NOT include answering e- mails that: Have no relevant subject heading. Contain spelling / grammar errors That beg for marks. MGTA03 – Course Evaluation MGTA03 In-Class Test (Week 4): In-Class 45 mins, 25 MCQs, 12.5% Mid-Term Test (late Oct.): 1.5 hrs, 40-50 MCQ, 3-4 SAQ, 37.5% 1.5 Final Exam (late Dec.): Final 2 hrs, 50-60 MCQ, 4-5 SAQ, 50% hrs, MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 My educational background: BA in Economics from Queen’s Diploma from Montpellier (France) MBA from Ivey School, Western MSc from Stirling (Scotland) MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 My working background: Banker – New York, USA Banker – Toronto, Montreal, Calgary Head of Acquisitions – London, UK Consultant – UK, Holland, Nigeria, Consultant Korea, Canada, USA, MidKorea, East MGTA03 – About Your Professor MGTA03 My favourite colour: red My favourite number: 4 My favourite food: steak My favourite drink: beer My favourite places: Scotland, Haliburton My favourite animal: Border Collie dog My favourite hockey team: Canadiens MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 My Academic background: Research Fellow, Stirling University, UK Visiting Lecturer, University of Ljublana Lecturer, Scottish Enterprise Foundation Assoc. Professor, University of Waterloo Senior Lecturer, University of Toronto MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 MGTA03 – FAQs MGTA03 Q: Do I Need To Buy The Textbook? A: Yes. The lectures and tests are based A: on it. on Q. Can I Use Last Years Textbook? A. Why? MGTA03 – FAQs MGTA03 Q. Can I Come To the Other Class? A. Yes. The same lecture will cover the A. same material. same Q. How Can I Do Well On This Course? A. Come to every lecture, do the readings A. on time. on MGTA03 – FAQs MGTA03 Q. Do I You Have Any Study Tips? A. No. Whatever you did in high school A. seems to have worked very well. seems Q. What was the class average last year? A. 68.7% MGTA03 – FAQs MGTA03 Q. Is there an online version of the course? A. Yes. The Tuesday lecture will be A. videotaped and posted to the internet by videotaped Wednesday MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 ...
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