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09+-+Managing+Human+Resources - MGTA03 – Intro to...

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Unformatted text preview: MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 Chapter 9 Chapter “Managing the Human Resource“ The Rise Of Knowledge Workers The Before: Before: Canada was “industrial” economy We made and sold “things”. We Now: Now: Canada is “knowledge” economy We sell knowledge, expertise. We Knowledge Knowledge Workers: Workers: require education require apply theoretical knowledge apply apply analytical knowledge Why Human Resources Matter Why 70% of Canadian GDP from: services 75% of Canadian employment: services Business success will require individual businesses to attract and retain the best people The Human Resource Function The Predicts Human Resource needs Predicts Locates the best candidates Locates Selects the best employees Provides training to new employees Design and administer pay and benefits Provide counseling and assistance Recruitment Recruitment Ensure vacancies made known to widest range of people Ensure applicant pool is large as possible How: ads in newspapers ads in specialist magazines job fairs head-hunters word of mouth Selection Selection Match applicants to the company Pick the most appropriate candidates How: Application forms References Aptitude tests On-the-job tests Interviews Orientation Orientation The sooner people become comfortable, the sooner they will become productive. Think of: Frosh Week at UTSC Remuneration Remuneration “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” Remuneration = more than just salary Includes: pension medical benefits housing holidays cars memberships Advice and Counselling Advice Work can be difficult and stressful You don’t want good people falling ill Providing advice and counseling is self Interested (i.e. it’s good business): Interested unhappy workers and sick workers are not productive workers not Out Placement Out Sometimes it doesn’t work out People and businesses are mis-matched Unhappy, unproductive workers not bad Unhappy, not people Probably: happy and productive elsewhere Dismissal, separation must be handled well ...
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