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10b+-+Motivating+Employees+%282%29 - Final Examination...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Examination Final Wednesday, 16th December th December 9.00 – 11.00 am 9.00 Probable Format: 50 MCQs = 50 marks 4 SAQs = 20 marks SAQs Coverage: Cumulative (Chap 1 – 10) Exam: Wed, 16th Dec 9.00am Exam: th Dec Family name Where Mon (Lec 01) All (A-Z) GYM Mon All GYM Tues (Lec 02) A-Ho Hu-K L-P Q-T U-W X-Y Z GYM H214 H216 SW319 MW140 MW160 H215 MGTA03 – Intro to Management MGTA03 Chap. 10 - “Motivating Employees” More Theories and Experiments: Theory X and Theory Y Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs Hertzberg: Motivation & Hygiene Theory X & Theory Y Theory Theory X: Work done best in controlled environments e.g.: “Scientific Management” Therefore: Establish lots of rules, treat people with threats and punishment Theory X and Theory Y Theory Theory X Theory Y People: People: People: are lazy are energetic are lack ambition are ambitious avoid responsibility seek responsibility avoid are selfish are selfless are not very bright are intelligent are Theory X and Theory Y Theory Most businesses (hierarchies and Most businesses rules) set up to manage people as Theory X They see themselves behaving as themselves Theory Y Theory Manage them accordingly Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs Maslow: Psychologist Abraham Maslow People have variety of different needs People variety Some needs more basic than others Some basic Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs Maslow: Everyone needs basic things to Everyone basic survive: food, shelter, clothing survive: As income, education, physical wellbeing improve we look to satisfy less being basic needs basic The Hierarchy of Needs The SelfActualisation Ability to grow develop skills develop Interesting job/ challenging job challenging Esteem Esteem Status, respect honours Title, big office Title, parking spot Social Love, affection Friendship Friends at Work belong to team belong Security Security Physical and Job security, Physical Job emotional security pension, health insurance insurance Physiological Food, shelter Food, Salary or wage Herzberg: Motivation - Hygiene Herzberg: Herzberg interested in: Herzberg what people liked about their jobs what liked what they disliked about their jobs what disliked Survey of engineers and accountants. What people like about their jobs is not the Herzberg: Motivation - Hygiene Herzberg: What They Liked What They Disliked What What achievement recognition the work itself responsibility advancement advancement & growth growth supervisors working conditions interpersonal relations pay and security company policies and administration Herzberg: Motivation - Hygiene Herzberg: What they liked: Motivating factors What Motivating Add to motivating factors to increase Add satisfaction. satisfaction. What they did not like: Hygiene factors Hygiene The best you can do is make these The acceptable. acceptable. Herzberg: Motivation - Hygiene Herzberg: People will never like supervision People never best you can do is make them neutral, i.e. .e. not dis-satisfied not People will always want more pay People always best you can do: make them not disbest not satisfied ...
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