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MSC 310 Exam 3 Review Sheet - Development of the modern...

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MSC 310 – Exam 3 REVIEW SHEET Exam 3 will cover chapters 9 through 12 in the Cavusgil, Knight, and Riesenberger book (International Business: Strategy, Management, and the New Realities), the corresponding lecture slides (lectures on February 21, March 11, 13, and 18) and the Alticor Presentation. This time, questions come from both lecture and the text in the book. As such, to guide you in studying for the exam, please focus on the following areas: Chapter 9 (slides 3-9) The distinction between advanced economic, developing economies, and emerging markets pp. 256-265 Estimating the true potential of emerging markets pp. 267-269 Risks and challenges of doing business in emerging market pp. 270-273 Chapter 10 (slides 16-24) Currencies and exchange rates in international business pp. 286-289 How are exchange rates determined pp. 290-292
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Unformatted text preview: Development of the modern exchange rate system pp. 293-296 The International Monetary and Financial Systems pp. 296-297 Key players in the monetary and financial systems pp. 298-300 Chapter 11 (all slides) The role of strategy in international business pp. 315-316 The integration-responsiveness framework pp. 317-318 Distinct strategies emerging from the integration-responsiveness framework pp. 319-321 Organizational structure pp. 322-323 Alternative organizational arrangements for international operations pp. 323-326 Building the global firm pp. 331-333 Chapter 12 (slides from March 18) Estimating market demand in emerging markets and developing countries pp. 344-347 Tasks of global market opportunity assessment pp. 347, 350-360, 362-364, 368-369 Alticor Presentation Slides and Materials Good luck !...
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