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Practice SAQ Questions for the October 2009 MGTA03 Mid-Term Test The following 5 questions have all been used in MGTA03 tests and exams ovewr the past several years. They are similar in length and complexity to the questions that will be on the mid-term test. No answers are provided. The answers can be found by reading the textbook and the class notes. Question 1 – (Chapter 1) Identify the degree of competition that exists in the Canadian banking industry. You must explain and justify your response by listing four features of this degree of competition. Question 2 – (Chapter 1) Give example of industry or product that is sold in a monopolistically competitive industry. Explain and justify by identify at least four features of a monopolistically competitive market. Question 3 (Chapter 2) One of the reasons that per capita GDP in Canada lags behind that of the United States is that labour productivity in the United States is higher. Define “per capita GDP”.
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Unformatted text preview: Define labour productivity. Identify three ways that labour productivity in Canada could be improved Question 4 (Chapter 4) You are thinking of setting up a small business, teaching your skills as a rock climber and white-water canoer to middle-aged business managers. You will drive them North to Algonquin Park, and for 5 days you will teach your clients how to rock climb and white water kayak. You are going to start small. For the first year at least, you will be the only person working for the business. Therefore you think you will run your business as sole proprietor. However, a lawyer friend says you would be wise to incorporate. Why does your lawyer give you this advice? Question 5 (Chapter 4) Explain the difference between a General Partner and a Limited Partner...
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