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ECMA06H The Final Exam Time: 3 hours April 17, 2006 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Remove this page. The exam is underneath. This exam consists of 14 numbered pages. Please check to make sure you have all the pages. 2. Please fill in your name and student number on the answer booklet which accompanies this examination. THE ANSWER BOOKLET IS THE ONLY THING YOU WILL BE TURNING IN. 3. Record all answers to the multiple choice questions on the FIRST PAGE of the ANSWER BOOKLET. Use only CAPITAL LETTERS. All questions in the other parts should be answered in the appropriate place in the ANSWER BOOKLET. 4. At the end of the exam, turn in the answer booklet. You may take the rest of the exam away with you. 5. Total time for the exam is 3 hours. You may leave early, but not in the last five minutes of the exam. At the end of the exam, remain in your seat. The exam will be collected from you. Wait until you are dismissed to leave. 6. Use only approved calculators. Calculators which can store text will be confiscated. If the confiscated calculator is found to contain notes of any kind, academic consequences will ensue. 7. HINT: You will have to work quickly on this exam, so do not spend too much time on any single question. You will not have to provide a longer answer than the space provided in the answer booklet. 8. Cheating will be dealt with to the fullest extent possible under University rules. 9. Good luck. Have an enjoyable summer. 10. There are two different versions of this exam. This is version #1. Make sure that your answer booklet is identified as being version #1.
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PART I: MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (80 marks) This exam includes 40 questions. Answer each question by choosing the best alternative and indicating your choice with a CAPITAL LETTER in the appropriate place on the first page of the ANSWER BOOKLET. Each correct answer is worth 2 marks; there is no deduction for wrong answers. 1. You are told that the current unemployment rate is slightly above X, while the current long run interest rate on government bonds is slightly above Y. Correct values for X and Y are: A) X = 2%, Y = 2% B) X = 2%, Y = 4% C) X = 2%, Y = 6% D) X = 2%, Y = 8% E) X = 2%, Y = 10% F) X = 4%, Y = 2% G) X = 4%, Y = 4% H) X = 4%, Y = 6% I) X = 4%, Y = 8% J) X = 4%, Y = 10% K) X = 6%, Y = 2% L) X = 6%, Y = 4% M) X = 6%, Y = 6% N) X = 6%, Y = 8% O) X = 6%, Y = 10% P) X = 8%, Y = 2% Q) X = 8%, Y = 4% R) X = 8%, Y = 6% S) X = 8%, Y = 8% T) X = 8%, Y = 10% U) X = 10%, Y = 2% V) X = 10%, Y = 4% W) X = 10%, Y = 6% X) X = 10%, Y = 8% Y) X = 10%, Y = 10% Z) X = 12%, Y = 12% 2. On April 8, 2006 (when this exam was being made up), the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar (measured as the value of one Canadian dollar in U.S. funds) was US$0.87. In the last 25 years, the lowest value of the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar was: A) US$0.40 B) US$0.48 C) US$0.56 D) US$0.62 E) US$0.68 F) US$0.73 G) US$0.78 H) US$0.83 I) US$0.87 3. A Canadian farmer in 2005 produced $20,000 worth of wheat, all of which was sold to a Canadian mill. The
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FinalExam.A06.2006 - ECMA06H The Final Exam Time 3 hours...

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