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Study Guide A+ Managing and Maintaining Your PC Ports and Connectors - 9-pin and 25-pin serial ports are used to connect serial devices to PC. - 25-pin parallel ports are used to connect parallel devices. - Serial devices transfer data 1 bit at a time. - Parralell devices transfer data 8 bits (1 byte ) at a time. --------------------------------------------------------------- - Keyboards can be connected with 6-pin mini-DIN (also called PS/2) or USB connectors. - Mice can be connected by 9-pin serial, PS/2, or USB connectors. - 15-pin, three row D-sub port connects video devices (monitors) - 15-pin, two row D-sub port connects MIDI devices or joysticks.
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Unformatted text preview: - RJ-11 connectors are for modems.- RJ-45 connectors are for NIC's.---------------------------------------------------------------- A single USB port can daisy-chain up to 127 devices and enables you to "hot-swap".- Type A connector goes to the USB port .- Type B connector goes to the USB device .- Normal USB speed = 12 Mbps.- Hi-Speed USB speed = 480 Mbps.- IEEE 1394 can be called FireWire, iLink, or Lynx.- IEEE 1394a speed = 400 Mbps- IEEE 1394b speed = 800 Mbps- IEEE 1394 can connect up to 63 devices on a single port.- SCSI has either 25, 50, or 68 pin ports.---------------------------------------------------------------...
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