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Thinking Critically Chapter 11 Amanda Roberts 1. If computers in your office are your responsibility, what should you do when you visit a user's desk and discover a network cable running across the floor? C. Move the cable so it is not a trip hazard. 2. As a help desk technician, lost some good detective questions to ask if the user calls to say “My PC won't boot.” Is the system plugged in? Is the system turned on? Are the cables properly and securely connected? What comes up on the screen when it powers on?
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Unformatted text preview: • Does the system make any noises when it comes on? • Are the fans running? • Have you made any recent changes to your system? • Has there been any electrical storms in your area recently? 3. Someone calls saying he has attempted to install a new monitor, but the monitor does not work. List some questions you would ask? • Is the monitor plugged in? • Are the monitor cables securely seated? • Have you turned the monitor on? • Have you installed the device drivers?...
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