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4.In the business world there are many business challenges identify one current business challenge that you find interesting and intriguing. “I really like the fact that you give us real-world experience. I know that I will definitely use the skills you are providing us in any job the future may bring. I’m not going to lie—it’s a lot of work and it’s tough with my job, but it is making me be responsible for myself. €€ Share that business challenge and then tell us what you find interesting and intriguing about that challenge. In business we all have processes that we are comfortable with and are reluctant to change; however, we all know that there are ways to improve how we do everything. If those changes result in saving time, reducing costs and lowering stress levels then we should take a very careful look at them. €€€€ Share some of your thoughts about the chosen business challenge. For example, what do you think could be done to resolve the business challenge? What could have been done differently?
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Unformatted text preview: In addition to keeping current, today's constantly changing technology is a particular challenge for many owners. "You have to keep up with what is happening in your particular business. Read the trade magazines, your trade newspapers, and so on like that; they're trying to stay on top of it," said a dry cleaner. This all-important industry knowledge works together with basic business skills and a winning attitude, Are there moral or ethical issues associated with your chosen challenge that you would like to share with your classmates. In general, this course uses a case study approach to present you with the kinds of problems (and opportunities) that arise from the areas of your work that are not directly related to technology. In day to day life, these problems do not present themselves neatly packaged and labelled as a business problem, a legal problem or an ethical problem. Problems usually relate to all three aspects, and the latter two in particular are difficult to separate....
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