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Assignment21 - Brenda Hawkins The workplace Todays...

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Brenda Hawkins The workplace: Today’s Challenges Instructor Dr. Marla Boulter Business Ethics- BUS 309 08/22/2010
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Assignment # 2 – “Unprofessional Conduct” 1. Explain how you understand the following terms: “unprofessional,” “immoral,” “lack of fitness” to teach. That's a strong condemnation. This person's behavior has gone well below the standards of his/her profession. He/she behaved in an unscrupulous and/or unethical manner (sexually or otherwise) violating accepted principles of right and wrong, and as a result, this person has been deemed unfit to teach. 2. Explain whether the Board of Education was justified in firing Pettit. No the State Board of Education had no reason to firing Mrs. Pettit. Because when the school district renew her teaching contract the next academic year, but two years later, disciplinary proceedings were initiated against her. But the State of Education found no reason complains about her services as a teacher. And they figure now that she has been exposed the she would
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