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case13 - The demise of Mercury has been anticipated for...

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Brenda Hawkins ECO 405 Mr. Neisser 06/02/2010 Case#13 Ford makes it official: Storied Mercury brand to be axed. Ford said this afternoon that it would kill its low-sales Mercury brand by the end of the year, ending the badge's 71-year run. The car was a creation of Henry Ford's son, Edsel , who developed it in 1939 to fill the gap between the Ford brand and the luxurious Lincoln . Ford said it has seen a number of Mercury customers move into Fords in recent years. Now, it can concentrate its energy on the Ford brand, with its widespread cost appeal, and its luxury Lincoln line, which has a small market share.
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Unformatted text preview: The demise of Mercury has been anticipated for years because the company had seemed to deprive it of resources and new models. Even before today's news, Mercury would have been down to only two models by the end of this year. Mercury has less than 1 percent of the total U.S. auto market share. Ford hopes to really upscale Lincoln and go head to head with Cadillac , Lexus and European luxe brands. Ford has benefited the most from the Great Recession, taking market share from GM and Chrysler . Ford was the only one of the Big Three automakers to not take a federal bailout....
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