Stocks - B renda Hawkins ECO 405 #7 Case Mr. Neisser...

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Brenda Hawkins ECO 405 #7 Case Mr. Neisser 05/17/2010 Stocks: $2.9 trillion on the sidelines NEW YORK ( -- Investors have socked away billions of dollars since March 2009 and it's unlikely that money will come pouring into the stock market anytime soon. After getting slammed by the housing collapse and a recession that nearly became the second Great Depression, individual investors have reason to be skittish. "Investors had more than a year of a rising market when they could have gotten back in and didn't, so why would they now?" said Vincent Deluard, a mutual fund flow strategist at tracker Trim Tabs. They have less cash now, and just when they started to dip back into stocks, the Dow plunged nearly 1,000 points on May 6 in its worst intraday selloff ever. During the week of the flash crash, investors pulled roughly $12.4 billion out of U.S. and international equity funds, according to Trim Tabs. Stocks have been trading in jerky, volatile trading, with the three major gauges currently just barely higher for the year. That seesawing is probably going to be the trend for the near term as the markets work their way higher. On top of that, many investors who got out of markets in the huge 2008-09 market selloff still haven't returned and it's unclear when that might change. Those investors "got out on fear and without a strategy," said Mickey Cargile, managing partner
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Stocks - B renda Hawkins ECO 405 #7 Case Mr. Neisser...

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