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Honda Recalls 410 - notified the agency of the recall on...

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Honda Recalls 410,000 Vehicles over Brake Woes The Honda Motor Company is doing a recall on over more than 410, 00 minivans and Elements small trucks because of braking system problems that could make it tougher to stop the vehicle if not repaired. Honda said that they recall 344,00 odysseys and 68,00 Elements from 2007 to 2008 models. Honda said in a statement that the brakes pedals can feel soft and you must hold them very close to the floor to get the car to stop the vehicles. If not repaired it could cost loss of braking power and possible of a crash, this was from the spokesmen for Honda. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported three crashes with minor injuries so far there has not been any death because of the problem; Mr. Martin said Honda has
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Unformatted text preview: notified the agency of the recall on Monday he said. Honda has traced the problem to the device that powers the electronic stability control system, which selectively brakes each of the wheels to keep the vehicles upright during an emergency situation. When the device, called a “vehicle stability assist modulator,” tests itself when the vehicles are started, it allows a small amount of air into the hydraulic brake lines. Under the recall, which Honda said it volunteered to do, Honda said that owners should wait to get a letter from the company before scheduling a repair because the parts are not yet available. Letters should go out toward the end of April....
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