IRS offers help paying taxes

IRS offers help paying taxes - other cases, people with...

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Brenda Hawkins IRS offers help paying taxes. This is the second year that the Internal Revenue Service is reaching out to people in financial trouble. This year they are having 1000 open houses on Saturday so that taxpayers can work out payment problems with Internal Revenue Service officials. The commission wants to let people know that when you have 140 million individual tax returns, "you need to be continually looking at ways to serve people," Shulman said. "This effort continues my theme that we have to walk in taxpayer shoes. There are still a lot of people who are unemployed facing hardship." Last year, the IRS gave its front-line employees the authority to be easier on people having difficulty paying their taxes because of the financial crisis. In some circumstances, collection efforts were halted. In
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Unformatted text preview: other cases, people with installment agreements for overdue tax debts were allowed to skip a payment or reduce their monthly payments. This tax season, Commission Shulmans said, if individuals and small-business owners bring all their information to an open house, they should be able to walk out with their tax issues resolved. The open houses will be staffed with IRS personnel from various departments, including examinations, collections and appeals. The Commission goal is help people clean up their debt with the Internal Revenue Service and what he mean about that is that you will walk out knowing what you owe. And also you can get installments plans and some may get a settlement offer that also is on the table....
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