As Detroit Crumbles

As Detroit Crumbles - are interested in the United States...

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Brenda Hawkins As Detroit Crumbles, China Emerges as Auto Epicenter. America's auto titans are dismantling their global empires. But across the Pacific, it's as if the global economic forces that have pummeled Detroit never struck. Chinese auto sales are up, and this year China is projected to displace Japan as the world's largest car producer. Now, the auto world is buzzing that China's auto industry may try to pick up the pieces of Detroit at a bargain. Chinese companies have tried to dampen speculation, issuing regulatory filings that deny bids to buy Ford's Volvo or General Motor's Saab. But there's little doubt among analysts that Chinese automakers
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Unformatted text preview: are interested in the United States and that Detroit's automakers are interested in them. People are buying up iconic brands such as Saturn and hummers that could supply Chinese automakers with the technological that they need to help them with their long established competitors. A lady had written a book on the Chinese say "That's where Chinese firms are weakest," she said. "They have world-class business and manufacturing capabilities now. What they still lack is technological know-how, systems integration, being able to design new vehicles from scratch and get them to a manufacturing line....
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