Devil in the White City- Part I quotes

Devil in the White City- Part I quotes - Characterization...

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Characterization: Burnham Commentary “His hair had turned gray, his mustache nearly white, but his eyes were blue as ever, bluer at this instant by proximity to the sea.” (Larson 1) This quote shows that despite his aged appearance, Burnham’s eyes are as sharp as ever. The eyes could be a symbol of Burnham’s mind. Even though he has aged physically, he is still as intelligent and his mind is still as quick as it was in his youthful days. “They took the elevator to spare his foot the torment of the grand stairway, but he did so with reluctance, for he admired the artistry in the iron scrollwork of its balustrades and the immense dome of iron and glass that flushed the ship’s core with natural light.” (Larson 4) This shows how much architecture has affected Burnham’s life. He sees the parts of the ship not just as structures but as art. This quote shows that Burnham is dedicated to his career and probably does not only view being an architect as a job but a source of joy. “Burnham immediately went to Margaret’s father to break the engagement, on the grounds the courtship could not continue in the shadow of scandal.” (Larson 21) Burnham is shown to be an honorable man. He breaks off the engagement as soon as he found out about his brothers illegal activities to avoid soiling the name of his future wife. It also shows that he loves Margaret and does not want his brother’s mistakes to become a source of shame and ridicule to Margaret. Characterization: Dr. H. H. Holmes Commentary “To women as yet unaware of his private obsessions, it was an appealing delicacy. He broke prevailing rules of casual intimacy: He stood too close, stared too hard, touched too much and long. And women adored him for it.” (Larson 36) This quote shows how Holmes was able to win women with his charming ways. Holmes was sure that women would find him irresistible and eventually succumb to his charms. With this air of confidence, he had little trouble breaking those “prevailing rules of casual intimacy”. “More likely the two older boys discovered that their five-year-old victim did not mind the excursion; that far form struggling and shrieking, he merely gazed at the skeleton with cool appreciation.” (Larson 39) It is visible from this quote that Holmes had his adult is an object of horror and for that reason, appreciates it that much more. This incident is possibly one of the catalysts that eventually led to Holmes’ serial killings. “And he did not mind handling bodies. They were
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Devil in the White City- Part I quotes - Characterization...

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