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Devil in the White City- Part III quotes

Devil in the White City- Part III quotes - Devil the White...

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Devil the White City - Dialectical Journal (Part III) Characterization: Frederick Law Olmsted Commentary “He was delighted to find that what the visitors liked best were not the exhibits but the buildings, waterways, and scenery and that the fair had surprised them.”(274) Olmsted values the public’s opinion of his work very much. Olmsted lives to bring beauty to the public and it makes him glad that his work could bring others as much joy as it brings him. It once again shows that Olmsted’s career plays a major role in his life. “Just as Olmsted sought to conjure an aura of mystery in his landscape, so here he urged the engineering of seemingly accidental moments of charm.”(276) Olmsted loves simplicity in his work. He wants his landscape to just fit together as if it were done without effort. He seeks to bring beauty to the world and wants others to learn to appreciate landscaping as much as he does. “He still wished the Wooded Island had been left alone, and he decried the unplanned proliferation of concession buildings that ‘intercepted vistas and disturbed spaces intended to serve for the relief of the eye from the too nearly constant demands upon attention of the Exposition Buildings.’”(283) Once again, this quote makes it quite clear that landscaping architecture is one of the most important things in Olmsted’s life. He wants others to view it as he does and he is visibly upset to find that his work was being destroyed. To him, one messed up detail destroys the whole thing as one messed up detail can destroy the whole effect he was trying to create. “Olmsted did, however, allow himself a rare expression of satisfaction. ‘I enjoy my children,’ he told Kingsbury. ‘They are one of the centers of my life, the other being the improvement of scenery and making the enjoyment of it available.’”(322) In addition to landscape architecture, Olmsted
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