The Other Paris

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The Other Paris In this short story, Gallant describes the two characters’ distorted sense of love and marriage. From the beginning, Gallant shows Carol as naïve and immature by emphasizing the great degree to which Carol to the impossible idea of love. When describing this student, Carol makes no mention of her feelings but to care about money. Gallant’s characterization of Carol is a powerful comment on the state of Carol’s environment. Society places such an importance on keeping up appearances and customs that Carol has deluded herself into believing that she could fall in love with Howard. Furthermore, any ideas Carol has of love come from “college lectures”. By describing that Carol is
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Unformatted text preview: “undaunted” when she does not fall in love with Howard at first, Gallant criticizes society for setting this girl up for disappointment when she begins to see she will probably never love him. However, Howard appears to be the epitome of a conformist- he has no expectations of falling in love and only proposes to Carol just because. Howard is incompetent with household chores, the idea that Howard marries out of convenience. Howard’s bland, passionless personality contrasts greatly with Carol’s happy, enthusiastic personality and thus gives great support for Gallant’s criticism of society....
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