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_I_ for Impatience

_I_ for Impatience - already been explained so many times I...

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“I” for Impatience I chose impatience because I often become annoyed when I have to explain or repeat things twice to others. Often when I help my sister with her homework, I get impatient with her when she does not understand the assignment even though I have explained it already. I also get irritated when she does not apply what I just taught her to solve the problem and I have to take her through the problem step by step again. In fact, I lose my patience whenever someone does not get something even after it has
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Unformatted text preview: already been explained so many times. I know it is not their fault they do not understand it and I realize that even though a problem might be clear to me, it might not be for others. So now with my sister I have worked on not losing my patience so easily and going through the problem step by step again if she does not understand, but it is still work in progress....
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