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Huckleberry Finn Essay

Huckleberry Finn Essay - society When Huck decides he will...

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Initially, Huck determines he has committed a sin in abetting Jim’s escape and decides to return Jim. Yet as he travels down the river, Huck begins to see Jim as an equal and becomes conflicted in whether or not to return him. His conscience tells him he did the right thing, yet according to the laws of society, Jim is Miss Watson’s property and should be returned. Huck thinks he has committed a sin by helping Jim escape and is going to hell, showing that society constantly teaches that slaves are property and stealing property is wrong. Society teaches Huck that Jim is someone’s property, but Huck has come to see Jim as an equal. In finally deciding not to return Jim, Huck is separating himself from the rest of
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Unformatted text preview: society. When Huck decides he will go to hell, he knows he is going against the values of the community In accord with the law and the ways of society, Jim is a slave and thus should be treated so. Huck knows he is separated from the rest of the community by seeing Jim as an equal, showing that society views slaves as nothing more than property. Civilized society is hypocrisy since it teaches people to respect others yet it teaches people that slaves are not people but property.(tar and feather of the king an duke). Society teaches Huck that the right thing to do is to return Jim to Miss Watson but his heart tells him that the actual right thing to do is help Jim escape....
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