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The Sound and The Fury Essay

The Sound and The Fury Essay - demonstrating that morals...

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In T he Sound and the Fury , by William Faulkner, the central theme of the deterioration of a Southern, aristocratic family is shown through the tragedy of two lost women, Caddy and her daughter. In the novel, Caddy is shown to be a loving, maternal figure in the novel, taking care of Benjy in the absence of their real mother, Caroline Compson. This illustrates the decline of the Compson family as Caroline Compson is repeatedly lost in her own cloud of self-pity, so self-centered that she fails to meet the needs of her children. Because of this emotional unavailability of her mother, Caddy begins to look elsewhere for love as she matures, leading to her sexual promiscuity. The deterioration of the Compsons is further shown when Jason Compson III bluntly dismisses Caddy’s promiscuity, merely noting “women are never virgins. Purity is a negative state and therefore contrary to nature”. Mr. Compson disregards the long-standing Southern code of feminine purity,
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Unformatted text preview: demonstrating that morals are no longer important in this broken household. Eventually, as a result of her promiscuity, Caddy gives birth to an illegitimate child and is banished from the household, “lost” forever to the Compsons. In Caddy’s tragedy, the reader can witness the true decline of the Compson family. The novel depicts the Compsons as such a broken family that it can not provide Caddy with the love and attention she needs, forcing her to search for love in other men, leading to the birth of her illegitimate child, Quentin. The central theme of a Southern family in deterioration is shown by the tragedy that Caddy and Quentin suffer at the hands of their declining, broken family. The behavior of each member of the Compsons is not only self-destructive but also hurts others around as seen in the lives of Quentin and Caddy....
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The Sound and The Fury Essay - demonstrating that morals...

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