ncm3 - LOTS OF ENERGY PRODUCED Example: atomic bomb,...

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22.) Einstein’s Equation • Used to determine amount of  energy released when matter is changed – use to find binding energy, which  is the energy released by nuclear  reactions • Formula E = mc2 23.) Nuclear Fission • Splitting of nucleus into fragments • Involves heavy atoms breaking down into lighter atoms 24.) Nuclear fission of uranium- 235 25.) Fission Chain Reaction • Multiple fission reactions; initiated by new neutrons released
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Unformatted text preview: LOTS OF ENERGY PRODUCED Example: atomic bomb, nuclear power plant 26.) Nuclear Power Plant Generates steam by nuclear fission; steams drives turbines to produce electricity Pros: less fuel, fewer pollutants Cons: radioactive waste, more catastrophic plant accidents 27.) Nuclear Fusion Combining two or more small nuclei into one stable nucleus Example: the Sun (or stars)...
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