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Capstone Checkpoint - vendors and sections which displayed...

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Running head: CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT WEEK 9 1 Capstone Checkpoint week 9 Katie McIntyre ART/101 3-16-11
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CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT WEEK 9 2 In the city I live in, we have a performing arts center which is sponsored by many local businesses and well-known businesses as well. We also have historic art shows in our downtown area every year which is also sponsored by the city and various other businesses. Our arts center receives donations from the community as well in order to keep the arts alive. I believe we could have more events that give people the chance to show off their creations. I personally have never really attended one of our art shows, but I have attended what we use to have every year and that is The Heritage Festival. At this event we would have all kinds of
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Unformatted text preview: vendors and sections which displayed different types of heritages that we have in our community. We also had live bands, food, and art displays throughout the whole event. I loved going to this event because it was a lot of fun and it opened your mind to different cultures and different art. I have never played a part in the art centers, nere knew how I could get involved. The only time I ever participated in the arts in my community was by going to a few of the events it held and by giving donations whenever they were out asking for them. I would like to get more involved and be able to learn about the art and culture of my community....
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Capstone Checkpoint - vendors and sections which displayed...

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