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Katie Church Check Point Week One January 20, 2011 Although Howling Wolf’s drawing is seen as näively executed by the standards of Western art, why do we conclude that his record of the treaty signing event is more honest than the illustration rendered by the other artist? He brings to life more detail and significance in his drawings. He puts more depth and color also. He also shows the depiction of the events as dominated by women, and their formal wear as well., and what their clothing signifies. He also abandoned the Plains pictographic style and created full bodied figures. I feel that Howling Wolf’s drawing in more honest and significant because it shows more than just a signing. For those who know what the signing of the treaty meant, one could look at the picture and possibly feel the emotions of the tribe, and feel what they were feeling. As with Taylor’s picture, you don’t get any feeling from it, and may not understand what the picture signifies. Why did the White artist ignore the many native women who were present at the treaty signing?
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