ethnics and discrimination

ethnics and discrimination - Running head: ETHNICS GROUPS...

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Running head: ETHNICS GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 1 Ethnics groups and Discrimination Katie mcIntyre
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ETHNICS GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 2 Ethnics groups and Discrimination Perhaps no single event in Irish history shaped the culture like the experience of coming to America. Irish immigrants came to the United States because of difficult economic and religious issues. They made their homes in colonies around Pennsylvania and later began to move to Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Irish people came to America full of hope with dreams of finding a new and better life. Instead they found themselves not accepted into American culture. They suffered severe persecution because of their Catholic beliefs. Their economic situation resulted in many people trying to exist together in tiny cramped spaces with sewage to walk through. There were not facilities to keep themselves clean. Food shortages and rodents, abundantly living among them was common. These living conditions ended in a high number of diseases and death. Irish children felt robbed of their childhood because of starvation forcing them to work at a young age. The children became prostitutes and stole from Americans to obtain money to eat. This lifestyle did not bring sympathy or help from the American public. Instead, it proved to
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ethnics and discrimination - Running head: ETHNICS GROUPS...

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