IAT test - with them, and ask questions, rather than having...

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Running head: IAT TEST RESULTS 1 IAT Test results Katie McIntyre ETH/125 5-15-11
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IAT TEST RESULTS 2 IAT Test results I choose to take the Disability IAT. After taking the test, my results suggest that I have a slight preference for Abled Persons compared to Disabled Persons. I do not think the results are 100% accurate or provided valid results. While taking the test I did hit the wrong button a few times, but I do not think that this is the way to determine if a person is prejudice or not. I believe it is difficult to measure whether someone is prejudice or not just by simply taking a simply test on a computer. I think to determine this about a person, you would need to study their everyday actions, and talk one on one
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Unformatted text preview: with them, and ask questions, rather than having them push one of two buttons when they see a picture. I kind of got distracted and ended up hitting the wrong button, and it’s this reason I am being judge on how prejudice I am. There are other ways to calculate prejudice, and a few of these ways may be by simply talking to a person about different races, genders, religions, and people with or without special needs, or any other topic. Another way could be by evaluating how people act when they around other people, study their reactions, body movement, attitudes, how they talk and even facial movements could help calculate one’s degree of prejudice....
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IAT test - with them, and ask questions, rather than having...

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