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Police Terms quiz 1 - Police Notes Chapter 1-3 from...

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Police Notes Chapter 1-3 from Lectures & Book Book Notes Chapter 1 Definitions - Beat System : System of policing created by Sir Robert Peel for the London Metropolitan police in 1829 in which officers were assigned to relatively small permanent posts. - CompStat : Weekly crime strategy meetings, featuring the latest computerized crime statistics and high-stress brain storming; developed by the New York City Police Department in the mid-1990s. - Constable : An official assigned to keep the peace in the mutual pledge system in England. - Department of Homeland Security : Federal cabinet department established in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. - Dred Scott Decision - Infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1857 ruling that slaves had no rights as citizens because they were considered to be property. - Hue and Cry : A method developed in early England for citizens to summons assistance from fellow members of the community. - Mutual Pledge : A form of community self –protection developed by King Alfred the Great in the later part of the 19 th century in England. - National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorder (Kerner Commission) : Commission created in 1968 to address the reasons for the riots of the 1960s. - Peels Nine Principles : Basic guidelines created by Sir Robert Peel for the London Metropolitan Police in 1829.
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- Pendleton Act : A federal law passed in 1883 to establish a civil service system that tested, appointed, and promoted officers on a merit system. - Posse Comitatus : A common law descendent of the old hue and cry. If a crime spree occurred or a dangerous criminal was in the area, the U.S. frontier would call upon the posse cpmitatus, a Latin term meaning “the power of the country.” - Praetorian Guard : Select group of highly qualified members of the military established by Roman emperor Augustus to protect him and his palace. - President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice : Commission that issued a report in 1967 entitled the challenge of crime in a free society. The commission was created following the problems of the 1960s, particularly the problems between police and citizens. -
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Police Terms quiz 1 - Police Notes Chapter 1-3 from...

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