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Math 375 Midterm Topics Guide 1. Chapter 1: Complex Numbers (a) the 4 definitions/viewpoints (b) Algebraic properties (c) conjugation (d) topology (e) calc theorems 2. Chapter 2: Differentiation (a) limits (c) Cauchy-Riemann (d) 0 derivative implies constant 3. Chapter 3: Examples of Functions
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Unformatted text preview: (a) M obius transformations (b) cross ratio (c) innity, stereographic projection, Riemann sphere (d) exp , trig functions (e) log , L og , Log 4. Chapter 4: Integration (a) R- and C-dened C-valued integrals (b) FTCs (c) Cauchys Theorem (d) Cauchys Formula (e) Jordan Curve Theorem 1...
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