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Reaction_Paper_Guidelines - Economics Sp 09 Reaction Paper...

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Economics, Sp ‘09 Reaction Paper Guidelines Instructor: Joshua Woodard You will have four reaction paper/discussion board posting assignments, worth 52.5 points each. Please check the syllabus for the due dates. The first article will be provided for you and is based on some of the ideas in the book “Freakonomics”. For the other three reaction papers, you will find your own articles and analyze them in the same manner You will have a lot of leeway here, but in general the types of articles you will choose to respond to will come from either respected media outlets or news agencies (e.g., The Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post), although other options are possible. Popular topics include news or events related to stock markets, real estate markets, oil markets, and other political-economic matters. This will require you to read around a little bit, generally speaking. This is intentional. NOTE: if you are enrolled in both of my Eco 101 and 102 classes, you must write two separate responses for each assignment/class. For the first assignment (i.e., the Freakonomics article) you must find your own article for the first assignment for at least one of the classes. If I catch you reposting reaction papers multiple times, I will drop you immediately from BOTH of my classes, since this is cheating. I don't have time to deal with cheaters, so just don't do it. These papers will be at least 4 pages double spaced each. Use regular 1 inch margins and times new roman font, 12 point. Do not deviate from this or you will be penalized. You will submit these response papers on a discussion forum I will set up for you (see the guidelines below for specific instructions on posting the article). You are encouraged to respond to other students responses on the discussion board. This is not required, but I will give extra credit for well thought-out responses. Alternatively, you may post response posts to other students’ postings (as your main post), provided you follow the rest of the guidelines below. General Directions For Discussion Board Postings/Reaction Papers Read the article carefully and take notes. After thoughtful reflection, draft an introduction. Introduce the problem or issue discussed in the article, making sure you indicate all of the points you plan to discuss in your response. Next, write a short summary of the article(s). The summary should consist of a paragraph or two of type- written analysis (please avoid quotations unless necessary and/or useful...your reaction
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