SYLLABUS_102-942-975 - ECO 102-942/975 Online PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS II(MICROECONOMICS COURSE SYLLABUS Summer 2009 Instructor Information

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ECO 102-942/975, Online PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS II (MICROECONOMICS) COURSE SYLLABUS – Summer 2009 Instructor Information Instructor: Joshua Woodard Office: D-186 Office phone: (217) 403-1117 (Do not leave a message, write me an email) Office hours: Monday 4-6 online via email E-mail: : [email protected] (preferred); or [email protected] Welcome to the online version of ECO 102. ECO 102 focuses on the principles of microeconomics. In general, this course looks at the economy from the micro perspective, or bottom-up perspective. Economics is a difficult subject for many students, and I believe it is more difficult online than on campus. I am available via e- mail, telephone, and in person on campus to assist students when they have questions. COMMUNICATION AND FORMAT This class is conducted exclusively online. Communication is probably a more important aspect in online classes than it is in lecture based classes. The best way to contact me is by e-mail. While there are “official” online office hours, in effect office hours are 24 hours a day by email. You will usually receive a response within 24 hours on weekdays. My experience in past classes is that virtually all of our communication will be through email. You are free to contact me with any questions, be it pertaining to the material, administrative questions, or even general economics questions. In the event we need to communicate by phone or in person, I am of course willing to schedule special appointments. Please email me to schedule an on-campus meeting. Angel has an internal email system, so you may write me an email through that system. If you do so, it will be forwarded to my email account. Thus, I will not respond through Angel usually, but rather I will respond to your email address. I suggest you turn the forwarding on in Angel, and check your email address regularly. Also, if you write me an email from some other email account (e.g.,,, etc.) I may respond to that email. Furthermore, if you have a primary account that you use often aside from your Parkland account, then you can turn on forwarding for your Parkland account. Again, always check your actual address. If you are a U of I student, you do have a account (whether you realize it or not). Please make sure you set it up. I have had situations in the past where a student did not think I was responding to their emails, only to find that the student had a host of unread emails in their address. So, please, make sure you get that set up if you haven’t already done so.
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Again, if you don’t receive a quick response from me, there was likely a problem with a dropped email somewhere. In the event that you send me an email and haven’t received a response within 2 business days, please email me again and let me know. This is rare, but it does happen on occasion. Last thing on communication, we will no class meetings.
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SYLLABUS_102-942-975 - ECO 102-942/975 Online PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS II(MICROECONOMICS COURSE SYLLABUS Summer 2009 Instructor Information

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