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Chapter 1 On-Line Lecture "The Human Communication Process" Communication is more than talking ! Certainly, the two speeches you may decide to prepare in this course represent “a speech course,” but this course is much more intent on explaining how communication (in all its forms) goes beyond the biological ability to voice understandable words or “spoken symbols.” Everything about you communicates something: your clothing choices, your automobile choices, your food choices, your friendships, and on and on. By the end of the course, you should recognize that communication is the general name for a myriad of messages that you send out into the universe. Unfortunately, too many of us don’t fully control those messages. We think that we do. But we are dead wrong. The Human Communication Process “Communication is a conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional process in which feelings and ideas are expressed as verbal and/or nonverbal messages that are sent, received, and comprehended.” As your text authors explain, communication can take many forms: 1. Accidental —communication without a specific intent. 2. Expressive —communication which mirrors the emotional state of the communicator 3. Rhetorical —communication designed and constructed for a specific purpose (e.g., to persuade, to inform, to entertain, to enlighten) You communicate in each of these ways every day. Some communication is inTRApersonal
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Chapter_1_Online_Lecture_ - Chapter 1 On-Line Lecture"The...

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