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Introduction to Business Bus 100 February 18, 2010 Homework Assignment #1 Case Study 1.2 1. Wipro ltd used the factor of production to fuel global growth by projecting his product to other countries, by using this resource Wipro were able to expand their market for production and reduce their cost on labor as well as increase their profits. By trend of outsourcing Wipro were able to manufacturer there product much cheaper in India and hire skill technology professionalism and paid far less then there counter partner in the United States. 2. Some of the advantage Wipro have by using companies like Toyota as role models is that it show them how to expand their market to other countries, how to get there employees involved more with production, how to make profits healthy while satisfying there customer needs, Wipro were able get ideas for reconfiguration workspace, new level of quality and 40 percent efficiency hike, opening up a new software development center in Beijing.
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Unformatted text preview: Some disadvantage studying foreign companies plans, coming up with new way to make a profit, not being able satisfying customer needs, dealing with tough competition not only from Indian firms but also from companies already in production like IBM, Accenture, and other companies. 3. I think it would have a positive effect on the economy in India because it would bring more jobs to the area and the cost advantage will still be in India favor, production will increase and labor cost s will still be cheaper. But it might have a negative effect on the economy in the United States because production will decrease and labor cost will increase since there not much competitor, there will be a drop in the stock market and an increase in the unemployment rate because manufacturer companies moved to other countries where the cost of labor is much cheaper....
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lashawnlewisjohnson-casestudy1.2,bus100 - Some disadvantage...

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